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Qingdao Zemeijia Packaging Co., Ltd
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corrugated carton box, corrugated paper box, Tag, carton, Adhesive Tape
Xiaohan Village, Huanxiu Subdistrict Office, Jimo City,

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COMPANY PROFILE FOR PACKAGING, FOOD SERVICES, INDUSTRIAL, MRO, CLEANING, AND SAFETY SUPPLIER Qingdao Zemeijia Packaging Company Ltd Provides National Service Since 2009, Qingdao Zemeijia Packaging Company Ltd has provided wholesale off-the-shelf packaging materials, janitorial sanitation products, safety and industrial supplies, and custom packaging solutions. By pursuing excellence in everything we do, we maintain the highest standard of business conduct, integrity, and professionalism.Whether your business is in America, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, or anywhere in the world, our Qingdao Zemeijia Packaging Company Ltd provides all the packaging, facility, safety, and industrial supplies your company needs to maintain your office space. Everything from corrugated and chipboard cartons to hand sanitizer is available for sale in our online catalog. Logistics Solutions and Inventory Management for Foreign Trade Business We also offer customized Logistics Management Programs and Vendor Managed Inventory systems to improve efficiency, cut costs, and make more informed business decisions. Through our inventory management, we'll ensure your company stays well-stocked and ahead of orders while reducing carrying costs with our responsive and automatic order refilling. Whether you're a wholesaler or an eCommerce business, inventory is both your biggest asset and largest expense—let Zemeijia helps you to minimize the costs associated with invoice processing, storage space maintenance, inventory accounting, and unexpected expenses through our customized business solutions. Personal Service for Stock and Custom Packaging Orders ...